December 2017 January 2018 Jokes,etc.

Trump Gets Tax Vote …Roy Moore Loses …Giants Fire Coach And GM …Franken Actually Quits…Muslim Blows Self Up In NYC Terror Bid…In Record-Breaking Cold Idiots From Long Island And New Jersey Appear In Times Square To Watch A Ball Drop    December 2017 Best Of The Web Jokes     Multiple reliable sources have confirmed that […]

November – December 2017 Jokes, etc

Muslim Kills 8 In NYC …Nut Massacres 26 In Texas Church….Giants Bench Manning ! …Satan Makes Room For Manson   November 2017 Best Of The Web Jokes New Border Jumping Tactics Suspected    What do Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have in common? The House of Cards they had built in Hollywoodland has now made them The […]

October-November 2017 Jokes, etc.

Las Vegas Sniper Murders…Harvey Weinstein Accused …Kevin Spacey Exposed …Louis CK Outed…Gov. Cuomo/Mayor De Blasio Revealed To Be Bigger A-Holes Than Previously Thought Possible …Yankees Make It To 7th Game In Playoffs , lose    October  2017 Best Of The Web Jokes Apparently someone  missed the memo  that your mailbox is how far away from […]

September-October 2017 Jokes, etc.

Irmageddon Hurricane Plows Into Florida… Fans realize Giants Worst Team In History After Game Two…Hurricane Maria Hits PR …Trump Calls Out NFL…McCain Kills Health Bill ..Hef Dead   September 2017 Best of The Web Jokes    Jets Running Back Matt Forte :“We have a lot of talent. Enough to make plays and  score points.” After a […]

August-September 2017 Jokes, etc

Scaramooch Axed In Record 10 Days…Trump Says Bad Guys In Va. Not All Nazis…Harvey Hits Texas ..Mayweather KO’s McGregor …Death Gets Jerry Lewis  August 2017 Best Of The Web Jokes   Summer Blahs   My daughter found a new boyfriend. I’m just glad the police haven’t found the old one.   That awkward moment when […]

July-August 2017 Jokes, etc.

Trump Body Slams CNN Reporter …NYC Mayor Called Deutsch Bag For Jetting Off To Germany After Cop Killed…OJ Released .. Sean Spicer Resigns  July 2017 Best Of The Web Jokes TIP : If Jesus appears to you, ask him to bevel cut a jack rafter onto a door header. If he doesn’t know what you mean, […]

June-July 2017 Jokes,etc.

Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Climate Accords ..Guy Climbs Yosemite Without Ropes …Dem Shoots Up Republican Baseball Practice ..Bill Cosby Mistrial  June 2017 Best Of The Web Jokes    Once upon a time all our disputes ended at the shoreline  Here’s a refresher on how some handled negative comments :   JFK’S Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, […]

May-June 2017 Jokes, etc.

Spinner Craze Dethrones Pokemon Go Craze …Confederate Statues Removed From New Orleans …Trump Brands  Negative Press Covfefe  May 2017 Best Of The Web Jokes   Do you have feelings of inadequacy? Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist about Tequila®. […]

April-May 2017 Jokes, etc.

Mother Of All Bombs Dropped On Afghanistan   … Passenger Dragged Off United Flight…Bill O’Reilly Fired For Sexual Misconduct  French for Breakfast at The Bus Station April 2017 Best Of The Web Jokes   Her Diary Tonight, I thought my husband was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a nice restaurant for dinner. […]

March-April 2017 Jokes,etc.

AG Sessions Admits Putting Russian Dressing On Salad  …House Fails To Repeal Obamacare …Trump Tweets Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower Holy Crap ! Coyotes Seen  In NYC  !!!  Cops Warn Of Possible Falling Anvils  March 2017 Best Of Web Jokes “America has more unskilled Mexicans than any country needs, including countries whose names begin with ‘Mex’ […]

February-March 2017 Jokes,etc.

Pats Win Super Bowl .. Flynn Quits After 24 Days  …Trump Lifts Federal Transgender Bathroom Rules… February 2017 Best Of The Web Jokes A guy starts talking to two women in a bar. They turn out to be Siamese twins and they wind up back at his apartment. He makes love to one, and then […]

January-February 2017 Jokes, etc.

Hollywood Sign Changed to Hollyweed …Trump Sworn In …Women In  PMS Meltdown ..,      January 2017 Best of Web Jokes   A couple go to a marriage counselor but  they won’t stop yelling at each other. Finally the counselor says ,”Listen folks–settle down ! Let’s start  by reminding one another what you have in […]

Here Is The Funniest Joke Ever-Can You Tell It ?

Before reading the Funniest Joke Ever  , know this : Never,  Never, Not  Ever Introduce A Joke By Saying It Is Funny . Least of all, that it’s the funniest joke ever. It has been proven by experts there’s a mysterious mechanism in the human psyche that resists being told how to react to anything, […]

Reporter : I Give WAPO Five Suck My Dicks

Editor’s  Note : When we learned our still breaking story on Anti-Fart Pills and Global Warming was awarded by the Washington Post their highest “Reamed  Jiminies” rating (5 out of 5) we immediately went to the paper and were directed to their Pinocchio Department headed by an eccentrically bearded man named Glenn Kessler.   Sorely tempted to […]