My So-Called White Privilege

My So-Called White Privilege Hustling Seeds Door To Door To Buy A Mitt I was brought up in an Irish ghetto called Hell –no money for booze, smokes, chicks. At age 9,  I got beaten up regularly by women with thick Irish brogues dressed in black who told us we could be evaporated by “Roos—kee” […]

How To Sell Our Ideas, Our Posts, Ourselves

How To Sell Our Ideas, Our Posts, Ourselves Free Book (see Below) Five Tests Ad Agencies Have Used For 100+ Years I read and reread Obvious Adams often. David Ogilvie required employees to read it once a year. Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman/ Creative Director , Ogilvie Advertising. “We are all in sales!  If nothing else, […]

The Effin Egg Bomb Miracle Zap Catastrophe

The Effin Egg Bomb Miracle Zap Catastrophe When Ads Work BUT Products DO NOT! Medium Instagram Dear Effin Enterprises A-Holes,           I purchased your Effin Egg Bomb Miracle Zap for $19.99 (plus $18.99 Super Rush shipping and handling ) after your endless stream of ads interrupted my viewing of The Love Boat All Nite every […]

Did Capitalism Destroy Portland?

Did Capitalism Destroy Portland? Fleeing Sodom by Camille Corot The Bacon Condom Saga   Portland Stinks! Outdoor pooping, peeing, and puking by the homeless are NOT social drinking –no matter what city officials claim. Add air thick with Blunt Skunk and that calescent Magic Marker stench from crack pipes, and it’s enough to make one […]