The Anti-Netflix Union

The Anti-Netflix Union Ezekiel Stool Our Founder Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Anti-Dramatic and Saltatory* Union : Despite the COVID interruption, I want to assure you that the war against theatrical productions and dance halls continues. Members were in evidence only last week handing out our pamphlet “The Chorus Girl’s Lament “  in front […]

My Mother The Con Artist

My Mother The Con Artist Katherine McHale “Kate” Huber October 26, 1917-September 6, 2012 I first met my mother when I was about five years old.  Of course, I’m sure we said hello  passing in the hall. Or attempted small talk at the dinner table. But I have no real recollection  before that. The world […]

Cancer: Not As Fun As I Hoped

Cancer : Not As Fun As I Hoped “I am battling cancer, “ always seemed a fatuous boast. I’ve   been sick before : no work, stay in bed , take drugs , binge movies , read, play with self. What’s not to like ? To a melanin deficient, Y chromosome heterosexual , the Victim Card […]

Chickens Of Privilege

Chickens Of Privilege And What I Learned From Them Polls tell us that in reincarnation cultures, fewer than .0001% want to return as a chicken. It’s not an idle prejudice. Do you like sleeping in and hitting the snooze button? Sorry! Every single morning you will be blasted awake at 4 AM by Cocks – […]